Pre-Festival Events

Thursday November 11, 2010              

7.00 pm           Symposium in the Alphonsus ‘Arrow’ Cassell Lecture Series under the  theme “Creative and Cultural Industries: Implications for Developing                                     Economies.”

                          Launch of Exhibition Arrow: His Life and Legacy”

 Presentation Proposals:

                          “One Hot, Hot, Hot Groove Master: A Reflection on Arrow’s contribution to Caribbean Music.”      Elizabeth Watson, Campus Librarian, UWI Cave                              Hill, Barbados

                         “Follow the Arrow: Lessons Learned from a Soca King.”  Warren Cassell,   Attorney at Law specializing in Intellectual Property, Media Law,                                          Entertainment and Sports Law. 

                         “Prospects for Cultural Tourism and Festivals”   Dr. Joseph Lema, Associate Professor, Drexel University.