Join experienced facilitators and discover the worlds of memoir writing, parenting, creating, illustrating and publishing children’s books.  At this year’s festival, there are workshops for children as well as for adults and workshops will be just one hour and a half in length.

Poetry Writing with Kwame

This will be a three hour workshop for poets.  Participants will be expected to write during the workshop.

Workshops with Mark Greenwood

Meet The Author

8 to 14 year old

How do writers find ideas, and how do tiny ideas become bigger stories? Join bestselling author Mark Greenwood for this special presentation for children aged 8 to 14.

Mark will discuss the origins of and inspirations for his ideas, the process of research and the ‘journeys of discovery’ his books have led him on. This workshop is designed to inspire students to develop their natural curiosity about books, writing and rhythm.

Writing For Children


 What gives a picture book its magic? Why do some picture books capture you as soon as you open them? From simple rhyming text through to the extensive research involved in creating historical fiction, this workshop will provide ideas and strategies to enhance creative writing efforts. Become involved in the process of writing for children from the origins and inspirations of an idea and the development of a story line, through to the stages involved in preparing for
publication. In this presentation those with a passion for children’s books will be inspired to experience the joy in creating them.

Workshops with Frané

Make Your Own Storybook
Kids 8 to 12 years old

Students will individually design a spread for a class book or commence working on individual books. The students will work from roughs, drafts and page plans. Frané will cover the process of making a book and will tailor it to the age and ability level of each class. She will discuss where ideas come from, the various components of research, and the
necessity of preliminary sketches. She will show different design layouts, discuss practical ideas and materials that could be used both at school2and at home.

Book Without Borders


As creators we’re constantly looking for new ideas, pushing the boundary, striving for that universal story that will sell into numerous countries. We want to create books that all children can identify with and enjoy. At the same time we need to be aware of cultural authenticity and respect protocols. Book without borders will cover the geographical, cultural, creative, and the practical trials and tribulations of researching and creating books from remote communities in Central Australia, to the battlefields of Gallipoli, from the islands of the Caribbean and Polynesia to the deserts of the Sahara.

Visual Communication

Age 15 to Adult

Frané will show the development of the brief through the processes to its final stage of publication. She will provide an understanding of reasons for decisions made by designers to satisfy requirements of the brief/s including identification and description of skills applied and decisions made regarding the use of design elements and design principles and the choice of materials, methods and media in producing a children’s picture book.

Memoir Writing with Rachel Manley


What is the purpose of a memoir? It meets the need for us to tell our Caribbean stories. Throughout history, we’ve depended on oral tradition to pass along our tribal memory. But today, bombarded as we are by culture from outside – by television, movies and books – we have to struggle to make our own mark, to engrave our story for future Caribbean generations. This is what non-fiction memoir could do, and does for us. It tells our stories and leaves our imprint, our unique DNA for history.”

Parenting with Opal Palmer Adisa

“Being the Parent you Want to Be”


This workshop provides parents and other caregivers the opportunity to critically examine their parenting styles and explore strategies to be more effective parents.