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Whether you are an aspiring writer, seasoned veteran or an avid reader curious to have a behind the scene understanding of the writing process, the Alliouagana Festival of the Word workshops has something for you. Each Workshop is planned to be no longer than an hour and a half and will be run by experienced facilitators.

In Translation
Edgar Nkosi White

This is a workshop which looks at the impact of Langston Hughes on Caribbean writers. Langston Hughes was the first to introduce Caribbean writers such as Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott and the late Aimée Césaire to American publishers. The writings of Spanish authors Nicolas Guillen and Garcia Lorca who Langston Hughes introduced to American audiences and the work of Haitian author Jacques Roumain and other creole poets whose work Langston Hughes translated, will be presented.

Memoir Writing Workshop
Rachel Manley

What is the purpose of a memoir? It meets the need for us to tell our Caribbean stories. Throughout history, we've depended on oral tradition to pass along our tribal memory. But today, bombarded as we are by culture from outside - by television, movies and books - we have to struggle to make our own mark, to engrave our story for future Caribbean generations. This is what non-fiction memoir could do, and does for us. It tells our stories and leaves our imprint, our unique DNA for history."

Publishing Workshop
Cherise Davis Fisher

Editor in Chief at Plume

The Answer to the Eternal Question: How Do I Get Published?
This workshop provides an overview of the publishing process, from writing and polishing a manuscript or proposal, to finding the right agent and working with a publishing house to maximize your book’s success. Cherise is happy to answer any questions you might have about the process.

Short Story Writing
Professor Funso Aiyejina
and Merle Hodge

The aim of the workshop is to afford promising new writers some assessment of their work, and to help them gain a sense of how they can develop/improve their writing skills. Each participant may submit one short story. All the stories will be circulated to all participants in advance, for participants to read/analyze/critique and come to the session prepared to discuss, in a participatory, frank and nurturing process. Writers who do not appreciate, or cannot tolerate, or have no use for criticism from their peers, should not submit themselves to this process.


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